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Real Estate in California

The Real Estate Firm of Landmark Apartment Management Inc. was born out of property ownership. Our focus, like yours, is on maintaining the integrity of your properties while achieving the highest results available in the market. We are owners and operators of property just like you. We understand the dynamics of property ownership, acting as an owner advocate and dedicating ourselves to each property we manage just like we do for our own. Landmark observes high standards and personal ethics in the conduct of our duties and responsibilities and in every aspect of dealing with the public, the business community, residents, customers, vendors and government authorities. Landmark goals are simply to be the most responsive and responsible management company. Not the biggest, but focused on our client’s needs in order to maintain and improve the integrity of your portfolio. Through the combination of our skill sets, we will utilize a rigorous selection process, emphasizing excellence and integrity over volume. The measure of our success will be our ability to create a synergistic atmosphere that allows your properties to flourish in these difficult economic times.


Change is Difficult….so why do it?

  • Landmark will Increase your Revenue
  • Landmark will Decrease your Expenses
  • More Hands On Approach – We are Property Owners just like you
  • On Site Representation
  • Better Equipped to Suit your Every Need
  • Lower you Management Fee – Landmark management fee is below the industry standard


Easier Said than Done?

  • HOW will Landmark Increase your Revenue – We touch your property everyday, interact with your tenants and handle any renewals. Your vacancy rate will decrease and your renewal rate will increase, resulting in lower Tenant Improvement and commission expenses.
  • HOW will Landmark Decrease your Expenses – Local vendor contacts and in house construction management will result in LOWER EXPENSES. All jobs will have multiple bids and be supervised by our construction management team.
  • WHY is Landmark a More Hands on Approach – We are property owners, just like you, so we understand the IMPORTANCE of interacting with the tenants on a DAILY BASIS.
  • HOW is Landmark Better Equipped to Suit your Every Need – We are a boutique company that is capable of management, accounting, maintenance solutions and construction management.


Landmark Management’s Competitive Advantage

  • Flexible, proactive and without partners, Landmark Management combines efficiency and flexibility to meet the demands of an ever changing real estate market.
  • Landmark Management’s Principals – not review committees and layers of corporate management – make decisions and run your properties.
  • Maximizing the value of each property, Landmark Management uses creativity to craft solutions when confronted with issues. This approach creates an operating environment that ensures each property will achieve its full potential.
  • Landmark Management collaborates with its network of broker relationships to find the appropriate space in its portfolio of commercial and industrial properties to insure each of your properties maintains its market share.
  • The use of a fluid process generates the best possible results from each management assignment, which allows Landmark Management to manage each property in a manner that meets the needs of all parties.
  • Vast Market Knowledge resulting from thorough research and weekly contact with active property owners in all product types ensures we maintain a pulse on the market to meet its changing needs.
  • Accountability and “Hands On” Approach by the firm’s principals ensure that the results of each management assignment meet or exceed each client’s expectations.


Landmark goals are simply to be the most responsive and responsible management company. Not the biggest, but focused on our client’s needs in order to maintain and improve the integrity of our client’s portfolio.

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